Forget the Squats,
Make your Booty Pop

Firm up that flabby butt with Booty Pops! These specially designed panties have revolutionized fashion much like the padded bra reinvented cleavage by turning flabby behinds into fantastic bootys. The secret is a pad that's sewn into both sides of the undergarment that adds lift, accentuates curves, and turns a droopy derriere into head- turning, jaw-dropping booty!

Get A Hollywood Backside
That Turns Heads

Hollywood stylists have carefully guarded this amazing booty pad beauty secret for years, but now you can have a Hollywood backside that turns heads! Booty Pops are comfortable enough to wear everyday and will improve your look whether you wearing jeans, shorts, and even that fitted dress. Everything looks better in a Booty Pop!

Comfortable Enough to Wear Everyday

The BOOTY POP Original Classic Cotton Black and Creme Caramel are made of the perfect blend of cotton and spandex (95% cotton 5% spandex). This means they are super comfortable and super flattering and available in the yummiest bootylicious colors! Booty Pop panties are machine washable on the delicate cycle and hang to dry.

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